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  • Coffee Estates for sale
  • Coffee Estates for sale
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Welcome to Vibez Coffee Estates

Vibez Estates is a part of Vibezclub, incorporated in the June 2005. Primarily into promotion and maintenance of coffee estates and farm houses, Vibez Estates aims to generate for its stakeholders, value and revenue appreciation while contributing towards a growing community and rural empowerment. The company even received the Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award for work in rural empowerment and employment.

Vibez Coffee Estates are picturesque acres of Pepper, Silver Oak and Coffee plantations enveloped by nature in the serene landscapes of the Western Ghats near Sakleshpur in Karnataka. We maintain these plantations working towards reducing your overheads and bringing you better returns. Vibez Estates also guarantees the buyback options of properties subject to market rates.


Tip to Buy:

Coffee Estates For Sale
Location is vital to success. Make sure the region is suitable for growing coffee at good level.
Anyone thinking about buying the farm should first identify their needs and rank them in order of importance.

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