About Us

It’s said that the more man meditates upon good thoughts, the better will be his world and the world at large. We set out with this idea to create a community that offers people the chance to learn, connect, engage, travel and cherish life on the farm. In the dynamic space of coffee estate project development, we have consistently been innovating in terms of value offerings to our customers. Established in 2009 by Ashwin, an entrepreneur whose vision was to provide people with nature inspired spaces, today we have completed over eleven projects and developed hundreds of acres of coffee estate and maintain them to the satisfaction of our clients. Vibez Estates is also known as coffee estate promoters in western ghats. Along with estate, we also build farmhouses that are nestled in coffee estates. The farmhouses are located just a few hours journey from Bangalore.

Our Vision

To be the most sought after company in the space we work in.

Our Mission

To give people the opportunity to connect, engage and cherish life on the estate while creating a sustainable future that works for all.

Our Values

  • We adopt the latest technology that ensures quality developments.
  • We trust in long-standing relationships with our customers and vendors
  •  We strongly believe in sincerity, integrity and reliability
  •  We believe that our coffee estate developments should become landmarks
  •  We value our human resources, our core strength.
  •  We adopt best practices and follow transparent processes.

Brains Behind the Scene

At Vibez Estates, we have a team of experienced, passionate and dedicated professionals with over 30 years of in-depth plantation knowledge. Our associate management company comprises experienced and enthusiastic managers all of whom have many years individual professional experience. From taking care of security issues to generating periodic maintenance reports for your perusal, all our associates are committed to creating and implementing innovative solutions to help you to develop and take care of your property. Vibez Estates is pioneer in the field of Coffee estate for sale in chikmagalur and Maintaining it for its Elite Customers.

how it works


A lot of people wish to start agriculture, but very few succeed. There are a number of issues faced by them, but the biggest issue is identifying the correct land, at the correct price which could offer supportive environment conditions for growing the particular intended crop, it is like finding the perfect fit amongst 1000000 options available. Even if you are able to find such a land, there are title issues of the land. There are a lot of people having various ideas, but there is a lack of effective implementation as they lack the resources or knowledge or the time required to be dedicated. Some people actually do own lands in their villages but fail to maintain them fruitfully. They remain barren for too long. All these factors defeat the ultimate purpose of doing agriculture profitably.


We have hired a team of experts, who identify suitable lands at affordable prices and supportive environment conditions for maximizing output from the land. These experts possess an abundance of knowledge and vaste levels of experience in this sector and carry out their work in the most professional manner. The other ancillary problems like security and maintenance are also handled in the best possible way by the team and they use the latest technology for maximizing output and also use Artificial Intelligence to manage the maintenance of the land through a mobile application professionally. All the details of maintenance are updated on a daily basis. The revenue generated from this produce is shared between the investors and Vibez Agrotech Private limited.

Therefore it is the best investment decision you can take to maximize the returns on your investment in the most strategic manner

Awards & Recognition

Sirivana's teak Project bags Times Business Award - 2020

Sirivana project by Vibez Estates is a teak farm project mainly aimed at providing plots of land solely meant for Tissue Culture Teak plantation and nurtures these trees right from their sapling stage. The project has been started in Chikkaballapur, North Bangalore, Karnataka. The business offers its customers various options including buy back and construction of a farm house on the plot. The team comprises of expert personnel and experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge in plantation and related fields. Their aim is to encourage investors to purchase more plots for teak plantation.

Vibez Estates bags the Prestigiuos Indira Priyadarshini Award - 2013

It is an honour for Bangalore-based Vibez Estates to be rewarded the Indira Priyadarshini Award by present Pondicherry Governor – Virendra Kataria, Former Union Minister and Governor – Dr. Bhishma Narayan Singh, Former Election Commissioner of India – Dr. G.V.G. KrishnaMurthy, and Former Governor Sikkim – B.P. Singh in New Delhi on 20th November, for its excellence in promoting rural entrepreneurship. Organized every year by All India National Unity Conference

Business Excellence And Achievement Award - 2015

We are delighted to inform you that you have WON the award for the SME Excellence Award in Customer Satisfaction in AGRICULTURE & FARMING EQUIPMENT sector.A BIG Congratulations from KSMBOA for this achievement!.KSMBOA is on its way to create history and to be a strong backbone to all the MSME Entrepreneurs for all their struggles and hardships. With the huge appreciation and response that we are getting today from the government and Businesses.

Anantara, The Best Eco-Homes Project of the Year Award - 2018

This award is jointly organized by Quikr Homes & Realty Fact and we are truly humbled and honored to receive it. In a larger sense, it is dedicated to our customers and our many partners who have collaborated with us in achieving our vision of

“An Eco Home initiative where all residents, their families and surrounding communities flourish and thrive.”

IBE Announces the Best Real State Brands List 2018 India

International Brand Equity announces the Best Real Estate Brands List 2018 India across major cities in India to analyse the most successful real estate brands. The Best Indian Real Estate Brands List 2018 Year Book will be launched on 30th Nov 2018 during the inaugural ceremony of the IBE. The Best Real Estate Brands Awards 2018 Asia”, to be held at Goa

Indiaproperty - Commonfloor Reality Award 2020

The prominent farming company, Vibez Estate was selected as the Best Co-Farming Project in Bangalore, Karnataka. Vibez Estate has received the Realty Awards 2019 on 4th January 2020, which was organized by IndiaProperty and CommonFloor.

Vibez Estate has been selected for this prestigious award for its 11th project in North Bangalore. “Farmers are the greatest asset of this country,” said Mr. Ashwin Kumar – who is the founder of Vibez Estate.

Vibez Estate has an experienced team of over 12 years in agriculture and farmhouse construction. Besides, the team announces that they will manage the farmland on behalf of their customers. As they have a sufficient number of in-house labors, the team will assure the entire maintenance of the property. Therefore, customers can earn good revenue from the yield.