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Vrddhi from Vibez is a farmhouse within coffee estate development in Western ghats where one can build a home as per their choice.

Vibez, Vruddhi is a hidden refuge that draws strength and serenity from its extraordinary surroundings. This is the prime reason for soaring farmhouse for sale in western ghats.

Farmhouse is a kind of house, built in an farm land or surrounded by a landscaped garden. They are built away from the city limits where one can go and spend time in the lap of the nature.

Farmhouse can be designed in any manner. Merely traditional or in modern way. No matter how it is designed but care is taken that an agricultural or rural flavour is added to it. Farmhouse are not only built for residential purposes, but they are also being used commercially for earning profit. That is, the owners when they are not using it they give it for rent and earn profit from it. Vibez Estates is pioneer in the field of construction of farmhouse for sale in western ghats and Maintaining it for its Elite Customers.

VRDDHI price Rs 14,00,000 per 5,000 sqft plot

* Special Condition: Loan facility not available | Prices are not negotiable.

About Western ghats: Also known as Sahyadri. It starts from Gujarat through Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. This place in India is the only region among 8 such regions in the world.

Some interesting facts includes:
– These are older than himalayas.
– One of the ten hotspots of biological diversity in the world.
– The hills cover total area of 160,000 square km.
– The Western Ghats are the main reason for the monsoon in the western coast of India and they receive a heavy amount of rainfall for more than half a year.
– The average elevation is 1200 m.
– Highest peak in Karnataka is Mullayyanagiri (1,950 m).
– It is being considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
– Nature rare species can be found here.

The area is one of the world’s ten “hottest biodiversity hotspots”. The area contains over 139 mammal species, 508 bird species, 1814 species of non-flowering plants, 179 amphibian species, 7402 species of flowering plants, 6000 insect species. The average annual temperature is around 15 degree celsius. In some region frost is common, and temperatures reach the freezing the point during the winter months.

In the mansoon season, the unbroken Western ghats chain acts as a barrier to the moisture laden clouds. The heavy eastward moving clouds are forced to rise and deposit the rain on the windward side. The rainfall in this region averages 300 cm to 400 cm with localised extremes reaching 900 cm.

The major river systems originating here are the Kaveri, Godavari, Tungabhadra, Thamiraparani. Dams have been constructed for hydroelectric and irrigation purposes with major reservoirs spread across the states.There are around 50 dams in it.

Sakleshpur near by
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Walk on the clouds

At this place, the mountains touch the sky and clouds come down to speak to the man who takes the trouble to walk up. Whether you are an avid nature loving trekker or the city weary resident, you can soak up the atmosphere and go back refreshed.

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