A refuge for friends and family for the holidays, Christmas, or summer getaways, a farmhouse in Bangalore, is undeniably a luxurious privilege for those lucky enough to own one. If you are considering joining the holiday house club, here are a few things to remember. Oh – and be prepared for the unexpected inflow of messages from friends in need of a break once your Instagram is flooded with the pictures of beautiful holiday homes in Bangalore. 

Sakleshpur is a quaint small town on the highway that links Bangalore with Mangalore. Set on the Western Ghats foothills, it is struck by the captivating beauty of nature in all its majestic and abundant splendor. Transporting one to an idyllic world enveloped in mist and milky clouds makes one want to reach out and touch the clouds. The positive thing, though, is that you can reach the sky and be enveloped in its cool breeze, standing on the hills.

malnad huts

Nestled here in the bosom of nature, Maland Huts is a sprawling 6-acre land surrounded by coffee plantations, coconut, and mango groves. And, as if to add to the peace and serenity of the place are temples of Darmasthala and Subramanya, which are easily accessible from the century. Tourist places such as Manjarbad Fort and the popular Belur and Halebidu are within easy reach, among many others.

Maland Huts offer you the opportunity to buy plantations in the rolling tracts of lush greenery and own a farmhouse in Bangalore that can easily double up as a summer retreat and a lucrative investment. Maintenance and health are given as mutual benefits.

About Maland Huts Holiday Homes In Bangalore

Maland Valley in Attihally is set in a perfect rural setting in the Maland district, on the magnificent hills of Sakleshpur’s western ghats’ hot spot for biodiversity. Located 3,200 ft above sea level, it has a temperate climate and is surrounded by lofty green hills full of coffee, cardamom, and pepper plantations, and is also one of the highest places receiving rainfall in the state (about 6000 mm per year). Attihally is located in the middle of Bisle and Kaginahare reserve forests, which is classified as one of the world’s 18 most diverse spots in terms of flora and fauna and is also home to serene forests and a large number of species of plants, birds, and insects.

Investing In Holiday Homes In Bangalore

Many of us dream of a tiny house away from the city’s madding crowd — a house that is unlike the matchbox apartments that force us to stay in by subway. Holiday homes in Bangalore are ideally a few hour drive from the area, which is what many would love to call a home away from home.

Thanks to the rise of our country’s affluent class, many upwardly-middle class families are searching for holiday homes around the cities they live in. This section, which has deep pockets to take care of the extra shift, does not seem to ruffle the sky-high real estate prices or scorching interest rates. Holiday homes in Bangalore are quickly catching up as a segment of luxury housing in India. 

Factors To Consider When Buying Holiday Homes In Bangalore

The demand for vacation homes has remained relatively buoyant since 2013, according to the FNB Holiday Town House Price Index for February 2018. Having lost some growth momentum earlier in 2017, there has been a renewed acceleration of growth year-on-year, seen by the results of the last two quarters of 2017.

Praven Subbramoney, CEO of FNB’s Private Bank Lending, says many property investors consider buying a farmhouse in India to either diversify their source of income or use it as a place to enjoy a weekend getaway.

Nevertheless, unlike other types of investment properties available, there are several unique factors to consider when investing in a vacation home.

The first point to consider is how much you’ll use the farmhouse. It might be appropriate to hire a property manager if the use of the property is limited for the entire year. Though, there are different steps you need to take if you’re planning to let the house out in the months or weeks you’re planning on staying in your first home. You need to be mindful, for example, of local competition in the real estate market. Make sure your holiday home has a unique and distinct selling point. A breathtaking view, tennis courts, swimming pool, games room, or impressive architectural features will cater to prospective vacationers, so keep this in mind when designing your new vacation home.

The critical aspect to remember is the quality of transport connections. For personal usage, travelling to and from your holiday home for an impromptu weekend break is a lot easier if there is a nearby train station or airport, or a decent car rental service. Consider also the position about the vicinity of stores, restaurants, and bars, and – if worse, a hospital!

Maintenance Of Farmhouse In Bangalore

 As with any other property, holiday homes are also expensive to maintain. Those are, however, to ensure that they build and retain a competitive advantage, stay well maintained when vacant (if not on the rental market), and meet potential tenant needs and expectations.

Rental Income  Of Farmhouse In Bangalore

It is important to note that the income stream is not constant, but seasonal with the holiday homes. It may be motivated, among others, by corporate and private interests, public holidays, or significant events. It is, therefore, essential to plan ahead of time and to decide how to account for the lack of income when the property is not occupied.

Legal consequences that arise at various purchase stages, so make sure you are aware of land laws, particularly when purchasing abroad. For example, Thailand’s property market is troublesome for foreign investors, who are subject to limitations on who can own property and land. Places like St Ives in Cornwall, much closer to home, have a ban in second homes to shield local businesses from financial droughts during the off-season.

 Location of the farmhouse in Bangalore

The location will help attract the right caliber of tenants who can pay a reasonable rent. For instance, people who go on holiday on the coast usually choose accommodation that has a good view of the sea and is close to amenities and entertainment.

Leisure In The Farmhouse In Bangalore

The owners who also intend to use the property for their leisure time need to ensure that they communicate well in advance with their rental agent that the home is not available for rent during their stay. However, when achieved during a peak season, this will result in the loss of rental revenue.


Ultimately, you may want to decide whether timeshares or joint-ownerships might be a better choice for you. Buying with friends or family, in prime locations around the world, would open the door to even more options at low price points. You may also expect to pay less in terms of the operating costs at higher purchasing prices. When there are significant service charges or leases on the ground, splitting the cost will save you a lot to spend elsewhere.

While considering attaining and maintaining one’s investment, Subbramoney adds that, like any other investment property, holiday homes are financed. An optimal alternative will, therefore, be that of a structured loan because it offers stable funding for property acquisitions that allow investors to borrow against a mix of asset classes such as a mixture of property, shares, cash, or investment portfolio.


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