TOI : Sep 1, 2021, 10:04 IST

Have you ever considered living on farms owned by you? If yes, we are here to make your dream come true. With so many interesting things that you can enjoy on the Farms, owning a farmhouse sounds like a blessing. Unlike the times before when you have to think really hard before even thinking about owning your Farmhouse, The Vibez Estates have changed the whole concept. Thanks to their fresh vision and exciting thought process, even a middle-class family can now own a farmhouse. Sounds unrealistic right?

Vibez Estates is also known as coffee estate promoters in western ghats. Along with estate, we also build farmhouses that are nestled in coffee estates. The farmhouses are located just a few hours journey from Bangalore.

BANGALORE KARNATAKA : Established 2009, vibez estates introduced sirivana , a scheme for the construction and mainatenanace of a farmhouse among teak plantation with promise to take care of the property sirivana, encouragescustomer to invest in thier teak farm projects.

Vibez Estates is one of the leading businesses today that are predominantly focused on promoting agro-realty investment plans among the people. Since the beginning of the idea, Mr. Ashwin Kumar& Co-founder Vijayalakshmi Urs has been dedicatedly working to provide a smart plan for people in search of farmland or farmhouses. Most of their projects are based in areas that are expected to see higher appreciation in the coming years. Apart from promoting the idea of green plantations and eco-friendly investments, Vibez Estates has also envisioned the beauty in nature. All their projects are developed and designed keeping in mind the needs of people. Since the inception of the idea, the business has been focused on Coffee Estates, teak and pomegranate plantations. Most of these projects are located at Sakleshpur, Chikmangalur and on the outskirts of North Bangalore.

Owning a farm nestled amidst the hills. An eco-friendly farmhouse under lush green canopies in the woods. Well, these are what dreams and bucket lists are made of. And, for most, that’s where it remains. The key reasons for this are the high cost of maintaining an agricultural property and also the fact that not everyone understands or has the skill sets to maintain a farm.But, if maintained well, investing in farmland becomes an asset whose valuations tend to grow year on year. And, when the land is used to grow and market organic fruits, vegetables or commercial plantations, it can supplement income too. And, this is what agro realty sets out to achieve. An upcoming sector, agro realty refers to the clearly demarcated land properties developed from large tracts of land that enable individuals — who invest in them — to earn returns with minimal efforts. The agro realty market is now beginning to witness an acceleration in interest and investments, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The prominent farming company, Vibez Estate was selected as the Best Co-Farming Project in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Vibez Estate has received the Realty Awards 2019 on 4th January 2020, which was organized by IndiaProperty and CommonFloor. Vibez Estate has been selected for this prestigious award for its 11th project in North Bengaluru. “Farmers are the greatest asset of this country”, said Ashwin Kumar – who is the founder of Vibez Estate.Below are the salient features of their new project:

The Realty Award and Conclave 2018 was organized and held on January 19, 2018 at Le Meridien, Bangalore. The event was jointly organized by Quikr Homes and Realty Fact, both of which are renowned names in the field of real estate. The technology partner of the event was RealDocs. This event was a platform for real estate stakeholders to discuss the future of the industry and related issues. Many delegates attended the events like builders, developers, architects, property consultants, contractors and financial institutions.