Vibez Pomegranate @ Chikkaballapur

Are you planning to invest Pomegranate Plantation Farm House near Bangalore? Vibezestates offers managed Farm Land in Chickballapur, Bangalore within your budget. We have an option to build customized Farmhouse of your Choice. Book Now!

Vibez Pomegranate @ Chikkaballapur

Chikkaballapur, Karnataka 562101, India

We Maintain Over 80+ Acres And Successfully Completed 2 Projects Ownership Is Yours – Workmanship Is Ours

Looking for a wise investment plan with good returns for your hard-earned money? Consider investing in a pomegranate plantation in Karnataka near Bangalore having optimal environment and soil conditions required for a good yield. The current size of the project is 40 acres, with an expected yield of over 04 tons per acre of fresh fruit on the average season. The purpose of this project is to introduce a lucrative agribusiness activity in the food processing industry through pomegranate plantation to be grown in Karnataka utilizing Israeli technologies proven to perform well under intensive management and technology for export orientation. Vibez successfully adapts the most advanced technologies to local conditions.




Standard Plots

Rs. 45 Lakhs for Per Acre

Premium Plots

Rs. 49.5 Lakhs for Per Acre


 As per the new rule in Karnataka,  any Indian, or a trust, society, company or an educational institution can buy farmland in Karnataka regardless of the buyer’s annual income from non-agricultural sources.

There are many types of pomegranate plantations, but the tropical type of pomegranate plantation is suitable for South India while choosing the green weather condition in South India.

Yes, as it is a freehold property you can sell anytime in the future.

Pomegranate grows well under semi-arid conditions and can be grown up to an altitude of 500 m. above m.s.l. It thrives well under hot, dry summer and cold winter provided irrigation facilities are available. The plant requires a hot and dry climate during fruit development and ripening. The pomegranate tree is deciduous in areas of low winter temperature and evergreen or partially deciduous in tropical and sub-tropical conditions. It can tolerate frost to a considerable extent in the dormant stage, but is injured at a temperature below – 110 Hence, we have started this project at Chikkaballapur. This is the prime reason for the soaring farmhouse for sale in Chikkaballapur.

Vibez Estates with its association management company who is a leader in the industry of plantation management and exports will be managing the farm and production activity.

a. The investment will be linked to the fair value of the land as per the government and market. 

b.The the same tool will be used to arrive at the value of the land in case of existing. We expect a minimum of 30% appreciation of the land in the next 3 years.

The land is situated right on the main road and has road access to every plot.

We will be happy to give you the legal documents for verification subject to the booking of the land.

The minimum area to be bought is 2 acres.

You can book the plot by paying 3 lacs.

Yes, the place is very ideal to build a farmhouse.

We have currently completed 11 projects in Pawgada, Tumkur District, and Chikkaballapur.

1. Pomegranate arils supply required daily value of 12% vitamin C, 16% vitamin K and 10% folate. 2. The seeds have high fiber content. 3. The seed oil contains punicic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, etc. 4. Pomegranate has two major medicinal compounds, the punicalagin, and the punicic acid. 5. The juice of pomegranate contains compounds like the granatin B etc. 6. The color of the juice is due to anthocyanins like delphinidin, cyanidin, pelargonidin present in it. 7. The peel of pomegranate contains condensed tannins, catechins, gallocatechin, and prodelphinidins. 8. Pomegranate is anti-inflammatory in nature. The fruit is helpful in fighting prostate cancer and breast cancer. 9. It helps regulate blood pressure. 10. Beneficial in treating joint pains and arthritis. 11. Consumption of the fruit regularly improves heart health. 12. The fruit can help the body fight bacterial and fungal infections. 13. Extract of pomegranate is shown to improve memory and fight Alzheimer’s disease. 14. The fruit is rich in nitrates, which help in enhancing the blood flow for better exercise performance. 15. Also, the fruit has a large list of minerals and vitamins present in it.


Chikkaballapur is one of the known educational hubs near Bangalore and is soon expected to be a part of Greater Bangalore due to the extensive developments taking place in the region. Besides the proximity Chikkaballapur shares with Bengaluru airport in Devanahalli, this fast-developing locality has national highways like NH-7 and NH-234 passing near it. This not only implies superb connectivity with Bangalore and other localities, but also means that there is a lot of scope for development in the region. Already plans made by the government to develop a one of kind pharmaceutical SEZ on a sprawling 1.32 km area has gained tremendous interest.

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