Professional Vibez estates plantation management team provides the comfort of owning the plantation with ease. Working collaboratively with plantation experts, we focus on advisory and practical solutions, employing world-leading research on the plantation, maintenance, and security effectively. Understanding the wide-ranging plantation requirements activities our team is dedicated to developing your estate commercially. We adopt recognized opportunities and develop your estate into additional sources of ncome. Shree farms ensure owners of plantations with complete services of managed farming; we manage the plantation, maintenance, security, etc. With comprehensive strategies, Shree farms devise and deliver financial performance and opportunities from your estates. Our broad range of services includes environmental and organic management. with dedicated plantation management specialists who come from practical plantation backgrounds with several years of experience in dealing with plantation businesses, allowing us to offer realistic and cost-effective services.


Vibez Estate is giving you a bliss place at Chikkaballapur and Channapatna near Bangalore city, where you can build your spacious dream farmhouse and celebrate every happy moments with your family. We can assist you with building it with our well-trained management team. Our in-house architects will help you to build a house that will suit and fit into the picturesque nature. These farmland projects are not only made for the farmhouses but also in a way of investing where your assets will give you great returns. With Multiple advantages of many points like Location, appreciation potential as well as a weekend home and holiday spot. If your smart investor then your choice should be Shree farmsz

Let’s Build Your Passive Income Channel!

India is one of the prominent producers of teakwood. The rising demand for teak woods is what has led people to join our community. Since India exports teak to Europe, UAE, France, Italy, Malaysia, USA, and more. You can imagine how beneficial it is to have a piece of it. Each acre of land you invest in could contain 400 tissue cultures of teak wood trees which makes it a good investment to raise a passive source of income.

Contribute to Greener Earth

Every penny you invest with Vibez Coffee Estate converts itself into a plant. Clearly, you can see how you can make a change by just investing with Vibezestate. Initiated with a primary goal of encouraging people to invest in farming, we have built an ever-growing community of people who believe in progressive ways of improving sustainability and making Earth Greener. So, if you want to contribute back to mother nature, what best way than investing in Coffee farming which not just serves this purpose but, also makes you money?


Chikkaballapur is a beautiful district in the state of Karnataka, India that is renowned for its fertile land among other things. Chikkaballapur is located approximately 56km north of Bangaluru and has a high elevation located in the center of the Nandi Hills region. The best part about this place is that it is surrounded by 5 beautiful and picturesque hills, making it perfect for you to build a farmhouse for your family.


Situated at a distance of about 60kms from Bangalore and 80 km from the cultural city Mysore, Channapatna is located between Bangalore – Mysore highway. One of the happening places for foodies and pit stop for night outs with Hotels like Brindavana Veg, Zain Sagar, Sinchana Military Hotel, and Sahara Restaurant are few of the famous food joints and nice places to hang out.

Channapatna, a small village popular for the plethora of brightly colored wooden toys, is sold on unique streets, displaying craftsmanship and their ample talent. The toys’ excellent craftsmanship makes Channapatna a renowned tourist destination. The toys are crafted of ivory wood making them shiny in appearance, colors, and embellishing their appearances. The numerous wooden toys placed along the roadside stores in Channapatana’s streets are a sight to behold with large banners narrating the town’s talent.

The history of the toy’s dates back to the period of Tipu Sultan, who invited artisans from Persia to train the local artists to learn the process of making the wooden toys. The artisans still follow the traditional methods of making wooden toys for nearly two centuries. The artisans only use ivory wood for making the toys and rarely rosewood or sandalwood are used, until recent times the artisans now also use wood like teak, pine, rubber, and cedarwood.