Farmhouse in Chikkaballapur

It is said that there is a farmer in every one of us and to bring that person out, one has to see a farm or be on one. But think of it…for most of us, a large farm and a house in it is the stuff that dreams are made of. A lucky few get to live in one for a couple of days in a year when they go on a vacation. Now what if we say all that can change and you can have a farm of your own and even build a warm and cosy wooden house on it? Just take a few minutes and visualize it. A brand new day dawn, fresh breezes are blowing, birds are calling and you can hear the sounds of river in the vicinity. If that thought can be so refreshing, think about how living there can be.


Plot Cost
1 Acre Price Rs. 26 Lacs per acre
2 Acre Price Rs. 50 Lacs per acre
Farm House Construction Cost
600 Sqft 1 BHK Price Rs. 19 Lacs
905 Sqft 2 BHK Price Rs. 26 Lacs
*Special Condition: Loan facility not available | Prices are not negotiable.

We nurture your dream

“But I can’t live there always and take care of it”! This is something we hear from a lot of our customers and we perfectly understand your point of view. That’s why we don’t just help you buy that dream, but take care of it too. After you’ve purchased your dream land, your plot will be fenced and Teak Wood saplings planted on them. Each acre can contain about 60 Teak Wood trees which are ‘drip irrigated’ and properly cared for by us.

Your farmhouse and the third revenue stream!

What is a farm if it doesn’t have a farmhouse? That’s why we offer you the option of building a house in the Malnad style on your farm as per the dimensions required. Known for the rich architectural style that incorporates sensible features suited for the region, your home will have all essential modern amenities assuring a comfortable stay amidst nature. We are great believers in naturally sourced products which is why your home will be built using locally available resources. Bricks will be made from mud taken from the foundation. Wood will be used extensively in the house and will be sourced locally again. Every home is eco friendly and will have rain water harvesting and use solar power.

All rooms come with a private garden sit out and a gazebo for those serene conversations with the beautiful outdoors. If you want some action, head out to the play courts and other recreation areas or simply explore the farm with a leisure walk. Go cycling and explore rural roads or visit interesting places which are just a few kilometers from your home.

If you don’t want to frequently live in your farmhouse, you also have the option of putting it to work for you. We offer the option of renting your farmhouse to us which would be promoted as a resort, and yes, we share the revenues with you. Now that’s the third revenue stream that Sirivana offers you. No matter how you look at it, Sirivana is a dream comes true in more ways than one.

More about the plantation and revenues

We don’t have to tell you much about Teak wood. As a raw material for furniture and construction material, it is second to none. Due to its high durability and quality, it is consumed in a big way for household and office interiors purpose nationally as well as internationally. As an investment, it is gold in the form of wood.

As a teak farm management establishment, our main objective is to produce high quality teak with good or acceptable growth rates. Considering the tropical climate and fertile soils of Chikkaballapur, the location is ideal for growing teak with good growth rates and excellent wood quality. With good quality seeds, land preparation, proper pest control and ongoing care, we ensure that you are rest assured of the best, high-quality timber yield.

When grown on fertile land using scientific farm management techniques, each tree yields 10 to 15 cubic feet of woods in ten years. The main stem grows to a height of 25-30 ft and attains a girth of 35-45 inches. With a present market value of Rs. 2,500 per cubic feet in Indian timber market, you can expect to get: 12×2500 = Rs 30,000 from one Teak tree. So if you have five hundred plants in an acre you will get 500×30000 which is One Crore and Fifty Lakhs in ten years! That’s a whooping 7.5 times return on your investments in a 10 years period. How’s that for an investment?



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